Our Services

BMS Design:

BMS Design is expected to be completed very soon after project award. BMS engineers may not be available at the early stages after project award. We can lead your design needs taking into consideration your BMS Brand, Project Specifications and Client Requirements. Our services include Technical Documentation, Bill of Materials, Riser Diagrams, Input/Output Schedules and Panel Design Drawings. We have expert engineers in Tridium, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric and Distech Controls. Other brands can be accommodated as well.

BMS Graphics:

BMS Engineers are mostly overwhelmed with the responsibilities of supporting project sites, coordinating with other systems, and managing projects. Graphics are usually left until the end of the projects without being fully completed with quality and creativity. 

Why not outsource Graphics for a lower cost and higher quality from experts in this field? 

We can start early in the project leaving ample time for changes and optimization. Your clients would appreciate seeing their projects come to life through graphics much earlier in the project cycle.  

BMS Programming: BMS programming can be completed remotely. Our engineers connect to a computer at the project site and program the desired sequence of operation. In many cases, we program and test controllers in the panels after assembly and before shipping to the project site. This will save a great deal of time from the challenging work done at the sites.